Birthday Discount 30%

To claim your Birthday Discount
*In-store:  Please show your ID that states your date of birth to our staff at the cashier before starting the transaction. 

*Online store/Phone order: Please remark on your online order or tell us it is your birthday on (02) 9572 8288 before you pay for your order. Suggestion: please choose “Bank Transfer” as your payment option when you check-out.  You may expect to receive an email from “” after the Birthday Discount applied manually on your order.  In the email, will giving you the total amount to be paid & payment options (ie. Paypal, Bank Account, Credit Card)

*Please be aware of, the Birthday discount is not redeemable outside the 3 days.

*The 3 days are the day before, your birth date and the day after.  For example, if your birthday is on 15th June. That means the discount will be applied on 14th June, 15th June and 16th June.  

*If your BD period is on a Public Holiday. The claim’s date will be extended one (1) business day. For example, your Birthday is on Australian Day 26/01, then the claim’s days will be 25/01, 27/01 & 28/01. On either one of these three days.

*This discount does not apply to any brand name products (i.e. Swarovski elements, PRECOISA, Beadalon or Beadsmith, Miyuki Seed Beads) and clearance items. 

*The birthday discount cannot conjunction with any other discount (i.e. 10%, 20%……) Basically, we would be choosing the highest rate for you.

*The birthday discount can ONLY be given to the person who owns the membership.