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Beadalon – Nylon Jaw Pliers, each (29-1-4), AWA-NS13405


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Flat nose pliers:

These pliers have a flat surface in the middle and a rounded outside edge. They are ideal for opening and closing jump rings, pulling a needle through beadwork, and are the first step in forming any loops.
Have two shaped holes specifically designed to achieve a folded crimp.
Wire Cutters:
Come in two forms – flush cutters or side cutters. Flush cutters are useful for cutting straight lines and side cutters form a point on the wire end. One side is straight and the other form a 90degree angle, you will be able to use both by just turning the tool to the side you wish to use.
Round nose pliers:
Have two round cone shaped jaws and are used for second steps in forming loops.
Nylon jaw pliers:
Have two jaws that are made of nylon and are used for tensioning wire or work that requires special care to leave no marks.

Sold per each. Maximum 3 pliers per order for getting free shipping.

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