(People Also Ask)

  1. Do I need a membership to shop in your store?
    • Yes, we are MEMBERS ONLY. We only serve & sell to MEMBERS. This is the condition of entry to our Leichhardt store. You have to have a membership to shop in-store. Welcome to join the membership at our Leichhardt Store.
  2. How much is the membership?
    • It is only $10.00 for a full 12 months membership. If you sign-up in-store, you will receive 2 FREE GIFTs (1x Beading Board & 1x Storage Box) to welcome you to be a member.
  3. How can I get a FREE membership?
    • Yes, if you register online and place your 1st order online. We’re offering a FREE membership. The membership card will be posted to you together with your 1st online order.
  4. What are the requirements for membership?
    • By law, we only can sign-up for a person over 12 years old.
  5. If I’m not a member, can I come in with a person who has a membership?
    • Yes, certainly. A member is welcome to bring guests in.
  6. Why do I need a membership?
    • Our company aims to provide the lowest price we can. To have this benefit, membership is the only condition.
  7. I’m not your member, but just want to buy 1 item? Can I pay more for it (e.g. Retail Price)?
    • I’m sorry! No, we don’t sell to non-members. To be fair to other MEMBERS of I LOVE YOU BEADS. We only sell to MEMBERS. You’re required to have a membership to shop here. We’re Members Only.
  8. On my birthday, I will be in oversea. Can I claim my Birthday Discount outside the 3 days?
    • I’m sorry. No, you can’t. All of our staff are not allowed to do exceptions on the birthday discount. Alternatively, you can place-in an online order and request it shipped to you or someone can receive the parcel safely.
  9. My birthday is on a public holiday, so your Leichhardt Store is closed. How can I claim my Birthday Discount in-store? I want to do an in-store purchase.
    • Yes, you can. In most of the time, we will extend the Birthday Discount period after we re-open from Holidays. For example, your Birthday is on the 7th of April (in the Easter Holidays), and we are closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Re-open on Tuesday 11th of April. You’re welcome to come in on Thursday 06/04 (ONE (1) day before your Birthday), Tuesday 11/04 (First day Re-Open after the Holidays) & Wednesday 12/04 to claim your BD in-store.