• We open 7 days a week (except all Public Holidays), from 10am to 6pm
  • For the members who want to claim Birthday Discount 30% off during holidays:
    • In-Store within the holiday’s time, will be extended ONE (1) business day. For example, when we are closed on 09/01 and your birthday is on 09/01, then you can claim your BD on Saturday 08/01, Monday 10/01 & Tuesday 11/01.
    • ONLINE is not affected (online is operating 24/7), therefore the discount will be remained to apply on One (1) day before, your birthday and One (1) day after.
  • Under the Pandemic, we offer FREE renewal for all members. Doesn’t matter, your membership expired a few years ago. When you shop online or in-store, We are offering one (1) year FREE membership. Shop today 0.< and take the advantage.

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